TropOut 2017

Welcome to the Paris of the Pacific

A French territory comprising dozens of islands in the South Pacific, New Caledonia is known for its palm-lined beaches and marine-life-rich turquoise lagoon, which, at 24,000-sq.-km, is the world’s largest. A massive barrier reef (the world’s second largest) surrounds the archipelago’s main island, Grand Terre, and is a major scuba-diving destination.

On Grand Terre is Nouméa, the cosmopolitan capital which effortlessly blends Melanesian and French influences: Shop for high-end fashion north of the city centre before stopping for an aperitif and dinner at one of Rue de Sebastopol’s fine-dining establishments. Or, stroll through the morning markets at Port Moselle Marina to snap up a bargain – amid the bright colour and noisy fun of the stalls, you’ll discover French patisseries and other French delicacies.

Welcome to the Paris of the Pacific. Welcome to New Caledonia.

Uncover the sights and culture of New Caledonia

A range of day tours will be available for you to experience with your fellow TropOut travellers to uncover the sights and culture of New Caledonia. Full tour details, inclusions, pricing and booking information will be available closer to travel. Here’s a summary of the some of the possibilities:

Isle of Pines

3 hours from Noumea via high-speed catamaran, the UNESCO World Heritage listed Isle of Pines emerges from the lagoon. The turquoise water is as blue as you’ll ever see- the natural pool of baie d’Oro is unquestionably the best illustration of this beauty. As its name suggests, pine trees line deserted beaches- it’s a truly remarkable place.

Amedee Island

Just 24km from Noumea and on the barrier reef is Amedee Island, surrounded by its crystal-clear waters and beautiful white sandy beaches. Amedee Island offers amazing snorkelling opportunities, and is an idyllic location to relax. The Island’s lighthouse is another highlight.

French Cooking School

A highlight of TropOut Thailand was the cooking class by the beach. In New Caledonia we will be replicating this- however the culinary influence will of course be French. Our French chefs will guide you through the preparation of traditional dishes, and as you enjoy the lunch you prepared yourself, there will be of course French wine to match.

The New Caledonian Outback

New Caledonia is a land of contrasts- in the morning you can be snorkelling amongst tropical fish in the turquoise lagoon, and in the afternoon, you could be exploring vast plains with rusted colour palettes and fresh-water swimming holes. In the morning you can be eating at a French patisserie, and in the afternoon you could be visiting a traditional Kanak village.

Wine & Cheese Tasting

Well, why not?

Uncover the culture and sights of the Paris of the Pacific

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