TropOut 2017


Duck Island - Private Island

A short 5 minute journey by speed boat from Chateau Royal, the private island, which is adourned by palm trees, sun-loungers and turquoise water, will welcome TropOut guests and the local gay community for the biggest party of TropOut New Caledonia 2017. It’s a private island, it’s designed for a party, and the local gay community will be joining us- do we need to say any more?

Le Ponton

A day-club that floats above the reef, Le Ponton is truly unique: chilling on sun loungers, dancing to the tunes of TropOut DJs, and snorkelling with tropical fish- it’s all possible at Le Ponton.

Pop Light

We’ve all seen images of huts rising up out of the sea at places like Tahiti and the Maldives. Well, Pop Light is just like that, but it’s a club- a club that rises out of Noumea’s turquoise lagoon. A short walk from Chateau Royal, our party at Pop Light is certain to be a highlight.

Le Deck

We’re fortunate that Chateau Royal’s on-site club, Le Deck, just happens to one of Noumea’s premier nightspots, and for a reason. A state-of-the-art sound system, a bar with plentiful Champagne and a stylish décor, Le Deck is the place to be following our chilled out day pool party.


Situated in Lemon Bay, a restaurant and nightlife district that’s a short 10 minute journey from Chateau Royal aboard our TropOut coaches, L’endroit greets guests with French style and sophistication. But then you look out over the terrace and you see the Pacific. L’endroit sums up New Caledonia: the Riviera meeting the Pacific.

A Private island, a day-club floating over the reef, and a club rising out of the pristine lagoon:  TropOut New Caledonia 2017 parties and venues...


Saturday 6 May - Welcome Party Royal Terrace
 @ Chateau Royal

Champagne, the Pacific, stunning views over Anse Vata Bay and meeting your new friends: fun and friendly gay guys from all over the globe.  As the sun goes down, the stresses of everyday life will fade into a memory, and a week of bliss will commence.

Sunday 7 May - SplashOut Pool Party
@ Chateau Royal Pool

Swim-up-bar?  Check. Sun Loungers? Check. DJs ? Check. Views over Anse Vata Bay ? Check.  SplashOut in the pool and over the bar at a pool party like no other. Afterwards, the party will continue at Le Deck, one of New Caledonia’s premier clubs, and conveniently situated in the grounds of Chateau Royal.

Monday 8 May - Overwater Club
 @ Pop Light

We’ve all seen images of huts rising up out of the sea at places like Tahiti and the Maldives. Well, Pop Light is just like that, but it’s a club- a club that rises out of Noumea’s pristine lagoon. Tonight Pop Light, a short walk from Chateau Royal, has been reserved just for TropOut.

Tuesday 9 May - Fluro Party
 @ L’Endriot Nightclub

TropOut Thailand has its White Party. Tonight, the TropOut New Caledonia Fluro Party will be born. Dress brightly! TropOut coaches will transfer you the short 10 minute journey to the stylish L’Endroit… well it’ll be stylish until we arrive in our fluros!

Wednesday 10 May
 – Rest Day!

After a few nights of partying, it’s time to recharge the batteries and to sample some of New Caledonia’s amazing gastronomy- our team will be on hand to organise reservations.

Thursday 11 May - Floating Beach Club 
@ Le Ponton

Our speed-boats will transfer you across the lagoon to probably the most unique party you’ll ever experience @ Le Ponton: a beach club floating above the second largest reef in the world.  Chilled out tunes will fill the air as you interchange sunbaking with snorkeling amongst tropical fish. As the afternoon progresses our DJs will have you dancing in the sun and over the reef until the sun goes down.

Friday 12 May- Private Island Party 
@ Duck Island

Tonight, New Caledonia’s gay community will join us to close TropOut New Caledonia in style on our own private island: Duck Island. Speed-boats will transfer you across the lagoon to Duck Island and then the party will begin. This party is on a private island, so it’ll be unique, but it will also be big. Get ready to close off TropOut New Caledonia in style.Close

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