TropOut 2017

Is it time for some classy retail therapy?

Liberty, Carnaby Street, Selfridges, Bond Street and back to Fortnum?

Staying at the Hazlett's Hotel right in the middle of West End within walking distance to Carnaby Street, Selfridges and of course Liberty.

Contact us now so we can start planning for a memorable trip.



Over to New York City to see some Tony Awards winning shows? 

The Humans have chosen Hamilton to have A View From the Bridge and he could only see the Colour Purple dancing to the music by a Fiddler on the Roof ?

Bangkok's Finest Champagne Brunch at the Grand Hyatt?

With free flow Moët and Chandon Imperial Brut, along with premium wines to complement tables Grill dishes.  An array of all-time favourites include Boston lobster, oyster bar, lobster bisque, and much more.

So, where would you rather be?

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